Freight transportation to Austria, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia: reliability and professionalism from Interfracht

Interfracht is a reliable and professional partner in organizing freight transportation throughout Europe, including countries such as Austria, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia. We have the experience and expertise necessary to organize transportation for any type of cargo of any size and weight.

Freight transportation to Austria is one of our specialties. We provide a wide range of services for transporting cargoes of any complexity, including oversize loads and specialized equipment. We guarantee high-quality and safe execution of work, as well as provide all necessary permits for the transportation of oversize equipment and specialized machinery in Austria.

Freight transportation to Lithuania is another important service we offer. We provide fast and reliable delivery of goods to any point in Lithuania, including Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda. Our company uses only modern equipment and provides regular technical maintenance to ensure that your cargo is transported intact and safe.

Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia are also important partners of Ukraine in Europe. We offer cargo transportation services to these countries, ensuring the safety and security of your cargo throughout the entire transportation process.

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    In addition, our company provides freight transportation from Ukraine to various countries around the world, including Kazakhstan, Turkey, and others. We have all the necessary permits and experience to organize international cargo transportation of any complexity.

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