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About international transportation

International automotive transportations are transportation in which the cargo moves between different countries by road. They are carried out according to a predetermined contract, which indicates all the nuances associated with the type of cargo, its weight and dimensions, points of dispatch and arrival, and so on.

The main feature of international transport is the intersection of at least 2 customs borders. International transportation is regulated simultaneously by several legislation, these legislation of countries from which the cargo leaves and in which comes, just through which the cargo passages. In addition, international cargo transportation is controlled by international declarations and conventions.

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International transportation of a trolleybus for a thousand kilometers!

Transportation of a trolleybus weighing 12 tons through several countries is one of the most interesting and spectacular transportation from our company. International delivery of a whole batch of trolleybuses was carried out for one and the largest production enterprises of Ukraine.
Public transport plays a very important role in urban traffic, we understand how important such transportation is for the city of Dnipro and are always ready to provide our cargo transportation services.

Multimodal oversized shell transportation

Multimodal oversized transportation of shells, for the largest construction company in Ukraine. The cargo had to be delivered from Bucharest (Romania) to Ukraine, the weight of the shell was 36 tons and the dimensions exceeded the standard dimensions of oversized. Transportation was urgent and its organization took place in a short time, but, we coped and see the details of transportation in the video.

Transportation of construction equipment

Transportation of construction equipment for the construction of a protective sarcophagus at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is one of the most dangerous technical transportation. Taking into account all the features of the delivery, we had to change the transport, but we coped with the transportation and see the detailed details in the video.
This load is a crane CC8800-1, this equipment is necessary for construction, its weight exceeds 2000 tons, and the volume is 5000 cubic meters.

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Multimodal transportation of overall tanks –
transportation in several stages: on trawls, cargo ships

Transportation of a modular building

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Oversized transportation
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