Poland introduces SENT-related fines

Since the turn of 2019, Poland introduces the fines related to non-compliance with the new obligations imposed on drivers and carriers transporting goods that fall under the SENT system.

Changes to the vehicle SENT-geolocation

Carriers must equip their trucks with equipment (locating devices) to record information, such as:

  • a localizer, a tablet or a smartphone with the installed software provided by the Head of the National Tax Administration and designed to monitor the route of goods transportation;
  • a system used by the carrier that collects and transmits vehicle geolocation data, the so-called external positioning system (EPS).

The SENT-GEO localizer will be available for free for devices with Google Android and Apple IOS.

Attention! New Fines

PLN 10.000 (UAH 72.481) in case of failure to provide the traffic monitoring system with up-to-date vehicle geolocation data or in case the required equipment is not available;

from PLN 5000 to PLN 7000 (UAH 36.240 – 54.361) if a localizer is used incorrectly (for example, if it is not turned on) during the transportation of goods.

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