oversized transportation
in ukraine and worldwide

Transportation of oversized and heavy
cargoes: Europe, Asia, Ukraine.

We work in the shortest possible time

Finding the cheapest route

We ensure the safety of the cargo

We ensure the safety of the cargo

We carry out oversized
transportation all over the world

Transportation of oversized cargo can be carried out both by trucks and
special trawls, this aspect depends on the dimensions of the cargo and its weight.
According to Ukrainian legislation, the concept of oversized cargo includes
any cargo that meets the following points:

height over 4 meters;

length over 22 meters;

2 meters 60 centimeters

The price for oversized
transportation depends on:

Parameters and weight of oversized cargo

Distances between the point of dispatch and the point of delivery

Type of use of the trawl and its carrying capacity

Quantity of used fuel

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what we transport

Transportation by trawl

Transportation of beams and metal structures

Transportation of construction equipment

Transportation of agricultural

Transportation of yachts and boats

Transportation of excavators

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Our video cases

Oversized transportation of excavator parts

Oversized international transportation of excavator parts is one of the quite interesting and difficult at the same time. The transportation required the execution of a whole package of special documents, since these were parts of one crane, but several different tractors had to be used, which complicated the process.
Transporting more than 19 tons across Europe is a rather difficult task, see how we coped with it in the video.

International project transportation of excavator parts

Oversized transportation is quite an interesting type of transportation, especially if it is international project transportation. This is exactly what the transportation of excavator parts is like. The delivery of a 20 ton load, namely a bucket for an excavator through 3 countries, had its own characteristics and difficulties, one of which is the need to strengthen the axles of the tractor, since the weight of the load exceeded the standard one. See video for shipping details.

Transportation of the frame of the rotary platform of a mining excavator

Construction equipment is quite an important and necessary element in some situations. This was exactly the transportation of the turntable frame of the EKG-12 mining excavator. The scale and urgency of delivery complicated the process of cargo transportation. The weight of the cargo was 42 tons, for transportation we used a special trawl with reinforced axles and all our professionalism.

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Multimodal transportation of overall containers -
transportation in several stages: on trawls, cargo ships

Transportation of a modular building

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