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Transportation of oversized cargo can be carried out as wages as well as special trawls, this aspect depends on the dimensions of the cargo, and its weight. According to Ukrainian legislation, any cargo that corresponds to the following items falls under the concept of oversized cargo:

The price for oversized transport depends on:

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Oversized international carriage of the parts of the excavator is one of the most interesting and complex at the same time. Transportation required registration of a whole package of special documents, since these were parts of one crane, but it was necessary to use several different tractors that complicated the process.

To transport more than 19 tons through Europe a rather difficult task, as we coped with it look in the video.

Oversized transportation is a fairly interesting type of shipping, especially if it is international projects. This is the carriage of the parts of the excavator.

Delivery of 20 ton cargo, namely the bucket for the excavator through 3 countries had its own characteristics and difficulties, one of these is the need to strengthen the axes of the tractor, as the weight of the cargo exceeded the standard. Details of transportation Look on video.

Construction equipment is quite important and necessary element in some situations. It was this that was the carriage of the Rotary Platform of the Career Excavator ECG-12. The scale and urgency of delivery complicated the shipping process. The weight of the cargo was 42 tons, for transportation we used special trawls, with fortified axes and all their professionalism.

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