Drilling rig

Project tasks:
Cargo – Bauer BG 28 drilling rig
Weight – 96 tons
Transportation range 4 407 km, Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia) – Uzhgorod (Ukraine)

The transportation of a drilling rig weighing 96 tons across half a continent; one of the largest transportations in the Company’s project pipeline.

The Bauer BG 28 is a rotary drilling rig with a weight of about 96 tons used for: 

  • Wells with pipe casing
  • Wells with no pipe casing, stabilized with clay mortar
  • Wells with continuous flight auger
  • Specialized borehole techniques such as pilot drilling, double power head drilling (CFA with pipe casing), rock drilling
  • Slurry wall with a bucket grab
  • Cutter soil mixing (CSM) with mounted milling equipment
  • Sheet piles driving

International transportation of a drilling rig is one of the Company’s projects we are genuinely proud of. The Logistics Department had to carefully think this transportation over due to its complexity (the weight of the rig, the condition of the roads and borders along the route). It even involved “thinking with a ruler in hand”! After a very detailed preliminary planning, our team set out for an important cargo.

Route: Khanty-Mansiysk – Sovetsky – Yugorsk – Severouralsk – Gornozavodsk – E22 – Bolshaya Sosnovka – E22 – Votkinsk – Naberezhnye Chelny – Cheboksary – Lyskovo – Vyazniki – Orekhovo-Zuevo – Balashikha – E101 – M3 – E101 – M3 – E101, Ukraine: Е391 – М02 – Е95 – Е40 – Stryi – Mukachevo – Uzhhorod

Despite the difficulties that we encountered on the road, we managed to timely deliver the cargo to the customer. In addition to detailed planning, we are able to swiftly adjust to unforeseen circumstances and promptly resolve any issues.

Please feel free to contact us to order or calculate the cost of a drilling rig transportation as well as to learn about other services of Interfreight.

We will help you choose the best transportation mode and will timely deliver your cargo. After all, we understand the importance of a well-planned logistics.

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