HDD rig: through the Middle East, fire and water

Project tasks:
Cargo – horizontal directional drilling rig and power unit
Weight – 71.9 tons
Transportation range – 3000 km (Balkanabat (Turkmenistan) to Kyiv (Ukraine))

Off-gauge cargoes can be transported in a very scenic area. As always, we are happy to share the details of the project.

When arranging the route from Balkanabat (Turkmenistan) to Kyiv (Ukraine), we considered the possibility of a multimodal transportation, that is, the use of several transportation modes. In that case, the ho horizontal directional drilling rig traveled from Turkmenistan to Ukraine by car and ferry.

Interfreight experts loaded the drilling rig and the power unit on two vehicles. Given that the drilling rig itself had wheels, only a traction engine was used for its transportation.

The cargo was delivered to the port of Turkmenbashi in the above configuration, then transported to Azerbaijan by ferry. Further, we drove to the port of Batumi admiring the beauty of Georgia. Later the cargo was transported by ferry from Batumi to Chornomorsk and rushed to the capital.

We covered the distance of 3000 km as planned and timely delivered the drilling rig to a satisfied customer. Are you in need of similar services? All you have to do is to order cargo transportation from Interfreight. Are you worried about cost? We can calculate the cost of transportation taking into account your wishes and expectations regarding its implementation speed. Our logistician will scrupulously monitor all the stages, from loading at point A to unloading at point B.

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