International transport of cement mill

Project tasks:
Cargo – cement mill
Weight – about 32 tons
Transportation range – more than 2000 km (Turkey - Ukraine)

This time we transported equipment for the production of cement, weighing more than 32 tons and a length of 10 meters. 

A cement mill is an equipment that is used to grind clinker in cement production. Most of the cement is currently grinded in such mills. 

We often transport such equipment. We carry out the transportation of a rod mill, grinding machine, grinding equipment, drum-ball mill, which are used in the mining industry, in the production of cement, lime, gypsum. 

When you have to transport goods from different countries, it is always a double responsibility. International transportation of the cement mill by road was carried out from Turkey to Ukraine. With the international delivery of oversized cargo, you should pay attention to many nuances, especially with regard to documents, because the cargo crosses the borders of different countries. We selected high-quality fasteners, laid the lowest-cost route, as well as completed all the necessary documents. 

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of our team, the cargo was delivered on time in integrity and safety. 

For transportation of oversized construction equipment, contact Interfreight. We will select the best transportation method and deliver the goods at the appointed time!

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