Self-propelled sprayer

Project tasks:
Cargo – JOHN DEERE R4030 self-propelled sprayer
Weight – 1 ton
Transportation range – 1935 km (Dresden – Zaporizhzhia)

Delivery of the JOHN DEERE R4030 self-propelled sprayer from Germany.

The powerful and capacitive JOHN DEERE R4030 self-propelled sprayer with a large number of possibilities became another challenge that Interfreight team had to successfully address.

Having received an order for the transportation of a self-propelled sprayer, the team was ready to settle down to work within 48 hours, which became our advantage.

Route: Dresden – Wroclaw – Katowice – Krakow – Lviv – Rivne – Zhytomyr – Kyiv – Lubny – Kobeliaky – Kamianske – Zaporizhzhia.

In order to evenly distribute the load for the international transportation of the self-propelled sprayer from Germany, we allocated 8 vehicles.

Expedition composition: 6 trucks and 2 escort vehicles.

Interfreight team managed to cope with the self-propelled sprayer delivery ahead of time since our experts were ready to start just within 48 hours following the order receipt.

Please feel free to contact us by filling out the application form to order or calculate the cost of transporting agricultural equipment, namely a self-propelled sprayer, or any other agricultural equipment, and to learn more about the services offered by Interfreight.

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