Transportation of a Liebherr crane from Ovidiopol to Primorsk (across Ukraine)

Project tasks:
Cargo – Liebherr crane
Number of vehicles for transporting 70 vehicles
Total weight 1100 tons
Transportation range – Ovidiopol - Primorsk

Uncomplicated in range, but quite an interesting project for the delivery of oversized cargo. 

The transportation of a crawler crane became one of the largest transportation in terms of the number of vehicles used, the complexity was the volume of the crane, since 70 vehicles had to be used to transport it. The crawler crane is the optimal machine for the installation of wind power plants, as it can move independently. 

Despite the difficulties in the volume of the cargo, our team of specialists got down to business, and after 53 hours of preparation, the team went to work. 

Route: Ovidiopol – Primorsk Ovidiopol – Odessa – Nikolaev – Kherson – New Kakhovka – Melitopol – Primorsk 

To deliver the crane, it was necessary to divide it into more than 80 parts in order to optimally distribute the weight and deliver the cargo without damage. 

Expedition composition: 70 special trucks, 10 escort vehicles. 

The Interfreight team coped with the transportation of the wind turbine within 10 hours, despite our roads, we delivered the cargo even faster than expected. 

The customer has received his cargo, and we are another successful project in our piggy bank. 

For transportation, or delivery of any oversized cargo, please contact Interfreight.

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