Transportation of a John Deere combine harvester from France to Ukraine

Project tasks:
Cargo – John Deere T660 combine harvester
Weight – 13 tons
Transportation range – 2822 km ((France) Lyon - Kherson (Ukraine))

One of the most exigent projects of our Company for the transportation of the combine harvester from France to Ukraine within three days.

Combine harvesters of the T series are machines capable of quickly and efficiently threshing everything that is grown in the field, with minimal losses and without damaging grain and straw. The combine harvesters of this series have a qualitatively new multi-drum threshing system, which can sort maximum grain from the dense wet mass even with high-moisture crops.

Having received an order for the express transportation of the combine harvester, we keenly stepped up to the project. Our experts developed a project and assembled a team in record-breaking time.

Route: (France) Lyon – A6 – Macon – A36 – Freiburg, (Germany) 5 – 81 – Bayreuth – 9 – 72 – Chemnitz – Dresden – Bautzen, (Poland) E40 – Kotakovets, (Ukraine) M10 – Sokilnyky – H02 – P41 – E50 – E95 – P06 – M14 – Kherson.

In order to transport the John Deere T660 combine harvester from France, Interfreight experts allocated the optimum number of vehicles.

Expedition composition: 2 special vehicles and three escort vehicles.

Interfreight team managed to timely transport the combine harvester, solving and sometimes literally resolving the most unusual situations along the way. The cargo arrived in Kherson, and we thus added another successful and highly complicated project to our portfolio.

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