Transportation of a Siemens wind turbine rotor from Spain to Ukraine

Project tasks:
Cargo: Siemens wind turbine
Weight: 180 tons
Transportation range – 4600 km (Spain, Ukraine, Seville – Dnipro)

One of the most complex off-gauge transportations for our Company.

The transportation of a Siemens wind turbine weighing 180 tons is on the list of the most significant and complex projects of the Company. The wind turbine traveled across all of Europe with weather conditions directly affecting the transportation.

Having received the order for the transportation of the wind turbine, we stepped up to drawing up a logistics plan and calculating the weight. Due to adverse weather conditions, we had to carefully elaborate the logistics. The weight of the cargo also perplexed the transportation. Having calculated everything accurate to the minute, we finally picked up the cargo.

Route: Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine.

To deliver the Siemens wind turbine, the Company’s experts dismantled it and allocated vehicles for each individual part.

Expedition composition: 8 special trucks, 5 trucks for additional elements and 4 more escort vehicles.

Interfreight managed to timely transport the wind turbine despite a very adverse snowy weather obstructing the view throughout half of the route. Although the transportation itself was not smooth sailing, the customer received their order and we added one more successfully completed task to our portfolio.

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