Transportation of an airplane from Zaporizhzhia to Poltava

Project tasks:
Cargo – airplane
Length – 17 meters
Height – 3.5 meters
Width – 3.5 meters
Weight – 10 tons
Transportation range Zaporizhzhia - Poltava

Delivery of an off-gauge cargo for the military equipment.

The Soviet supersonic high-altitude twin-engine fighter-interceptor of the 3rd generation was designed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau, and its transportation to the military equipment museum in Poltava has become one of the tasks we are genuinely proud of. Transportation range was not particularly problematic; however, the fragility of the cargo was an issue since the plane had to be delivered in perfect condition being the object of a great historical value. Having equipped themselves with rulers, weights and maps, the employees of the Logistics Department thoroughly discussed the task and eventually sought the advice of the drivers in order to choose the most suitable and safe route for the cargo. Finally, the route had been chosen, and our team set off to complete the task.

Route: Zaporizhzhia – Matviyivka – Pishchanka – Novomoskovsk – Hubynykha – Holubivka – Pereshchepyne – Nataline – Krasnohrad – Poltava

Despite all the difficulties associated with the road, we managed to cope with the cargo delivery and the military aircraft arrived in Poltava on time, in its entirety and good condition.

Please feel free to contact us to order or calculate the cost of any off-gauge transportation, in this case a military aircraft, as well as to learn about other services of the Company.

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