Transportation of an iron water tower

Project objectives:
Cargo – iron water tower
Weight – about 100 tons
Transportation range – 2378 km (5 countries – Oslo-Kyiv)

One of the most challenging tasks accomplished by our Company, since the total weight of the cargo exceeded all possible expectations. It later emerged that several companies refused to even attempt the task, but we took our chance, thought everything out and succeeded!

A water tower is a water supply system structure designed for regulating the pressure and flow rate of water in a water supply network in order to build up water reserves and align the work schedule of pumping stations.

The main designated purpose of such facilities is to constantly supply water to small settlements and enterprises (agriculture, light industry, etc.). Such towers are designed to store large water supplies either as a water reserve or as emergency water.

Moreover, these structures are installed in places plagued by power outages with no stable pump operation; therefore, even in the event of a shutdown, water will still be supplied under low pressure.

Having received an order for the transportation of a water tower, we were a bit puzzled as we would need at least 5 vehicles to deliver such cargo, 3 for the off-gauge parts and 2 standard ones. The task was also complicated by roads, since not a single road led to the required city. We hit the road only after our experts had carefully arranged the route.

Route: Norway, Germany, Poland, Ukraine.

In order to transport the water tower, Interfreight experts divided the tower into three main parts, and also allocated two more trucks for transporting additional fasteners and beams.

Please feel free to contact us to order or calculate the cost of any off-gauge transportation, a water tower for example, and to learn more about other services offered by Interfreight. 

We will gladly help you choose the best transportation mode and will timely deliver the cargo. Well-planned logistics plays an important role in business.

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