Transportation of metal structures

Project tasks:
Cargo – metal structures
Weight – 238 tons
Transportation range – 1450 km Tallinn – Kropyvnytskyi

Metalwork is an important component in construction. Metal structures are widely used to reinforce buildings; moreover, they significantly reduce construction time.

Our task was to deliver the metal structures within just a few days as time was an issue for the contractors, so our logisticians had to come up with the best routes and coordinate the team literally on the road.

Route: Estonia – Lithuania – Belarus – Ukraine

10 vehicles were needed to transport the metal structures.

Expedition composition: 7 trucks for transportation and 3 standard ones.

Interfreight managed to timely transport the metal structures, although we were pressed for time in terms of both logistics and the transportation itself. The cargo arrived on time and we thus added another successfully completed project to our portfolio.

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We will gladly help you choose the best transportation mode and will timely deliver the cargo. Well-planned logistics plays an important role in business.

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