Transportation of mining equipment to another continent

Project tasks:
Cargo – mining equipment
Diameter – 5.5 m
Weight – 40 tons each
Transportation range – Mariupol – South Africa (14 827 km)

One of the most distant projects in terms of distance, has replenished our piggy bank of completed projects. 

Mining equipment is used in open and underground operations, for drilling, crushing, crushing, and loading. It was indispensable for the company that turned to us, and despite the difficulties with transportation, we got down to work. 

Route: Mariupol – South Africa (14 827 km) Ukraine – Poland – Germany – France – Spain – Gibraltar – Algeria – Niger – Nigeria – Cameroon – Congo – Angola – Namibia – Vosburg 

The complexity of this project was in the preparation of a package of documents and a team, since it was necessary to travel through more than 10 countries, for which it is necessary to prepare a certain package of documents. 

Also, the complexity of the continent itself, many various insects and diseases, the team of drivers and escorts underwent a special medical examination in advance. Summing up, we can say that no matter how complex the project is, our specialists will cope with the delivery of any cargo to anywhere in the world.

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