Transportation of the EKG-12K mining excavator: 420 tons across five countries

Project tasks:
Cargo – EKG-12K mining hydraulic excavator
Weight – more than 130 tons
Transportation range – 2 511 km (Estonia - Ukraine)

The transportation of a mining crawler excavator was one of the largest projects in the Company’s history. It was challenging but we eventually succeeded! Perhaps one day our efforts will be filmed by Netflix. In the meantime, let’s briefly talk about the technical part of the project.

EKG-12K is a mining crawler excavator with a rack crowded shovel and a rope bowl lift mechanism. It is quite off-gauge weighing more than 130 tons with the total height of 17.6 m and the width of 12.2 m. Such machines are used for excavating and loading minerals and rocks.

Having received an order for the transportation of such a heavy load, we immediately stepped up to arranging a detailed route. Our experts carefully estimated the characteristics and the number of vehicles required for the transportation of the excavator, finally coming up with the most convenient route.

Route: Estonia – Latvia – Belarus – Ukraine.

In order to transport the excavator, Interfreight experts dismantled it and loaded onto 23 road trains, including 7 off-gauge and 16 standard ones.

Interfreight team managed to timely transport the crawler excavator, solving and sometimes literally resolving the most unusual situations along the way. The cargo arrived in Ukraine at the address specified by the customer, and we thus added another successful and highly complicated project to our portfolio.

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We will gladly help you choose the best transportation mode and will timely deliver the cargo. After all, we understand the importance of a well-planned logistics. 

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