Trailer services in Ukraine: transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes

If you need to transport large and heavy cargoes, trailer services can be an excellent solution for you. A trailer is a special vehicle designed for transporting cargoes that cannot be transported by regular means due to their size or weight. In this text, we will talk about trailer services in Ukraine and oversized transportation in this country.

Trailer services provide an opportunity to transport cargoes of any complexity and size. Trailers allow for the transportation of oversized cargoes that do not fit on regular trucks or containers. Trailers are also used for the transportation of heavy cargoes that cannot be transported by regular means. Trailers can transport cargoes weighing up to 200 tons and with a volume of up to 1000 cubic meters.

Interfracht is a company that provides services for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes. There are many companies in Ukraine that provide trailer services, and Interfracht is one of them. The company has extensive experience in transporting oversized and heavy cargoes throughout Ukraine.

Oversized transportation in Ukraine is a quite complicated process. Special permits from state authorities are required to conduct oversized transportation. Interfracht has all the necessary permits and experience for conducting oversized transportation in Ukraine. In addition, the company provides a full range of services for organizing oversized transportation, including document preparation, escort organization, road blocking, and much more.

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    Interfracht’s trailer service is not only about transporting cargoes but also about preparing them for transportation.

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